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Preparing Your Button Image
We use CorelDraw software to print your images for your buttons. CorelDraw allows us to import a wide variety of image formats for printing your buttons. So, we can accept many different formats, but the following are our preferences for ease of use. We prefer that you send us your image in EPS, PDF, or CDR format. Many other formats are acceptable.
  •          Please convert your fonts to outlines or curves. This avoids required font matching.
  •          If sending a bitmap image, we prefer JPG or PNG images at 300 - 500 dpi. A lower dpi may affect the quality of your printed image.
  •          Button Templates are available in PDF format through this link. However, you can just use your button size and add a half inch bleed around the edges. We need the half inch bleed so that the background colors of your image wrap around the edge of your button to the back.

We use many images that do not meet the above guidelines. If you are not sure if your image will work, please send it to us anyway. We will let you know if we have any problems with it.

Getting Ideas for Your Button Image

If you need ideas for your artwork or want to see if one of our pre-designed images might work for your needs, please spend some time browsing our Button Gallery. These Designer Buttons are organized by category in the drop-down menu at the top of this page under Products > Designer Buttons. If you are needing Button Image Help, we have many tips and tools to assist you.


All logos submitted for artwork must comply with all trademarks, patents, copyrights, or other related laws and are the responsibility of the buyer.

Color Solutions


We will do all we can to make your buttons the colors that you want. From time to time, the issue of color comes up. Frankly, we are surprised that it does not come up more often. There are many possible reasons why your buttons don't appear to be the same color as you are viewing on your monitor. We will list just a few:


  •          Monitor manufacturers show the same colors differently.
  •          Monitor settings can dramatically change colors.
  •          Monitors use back light that shines through the colors and when you view a printed image it is reflective light from the paper.
  •          Monitors show colors in RGB format and printers print in CMYK. All CMYK formats shown on monitors are simulated, not true CMYK.
  •          Software used for viewing your image will usually change how you colors look on your monitor and printed.
  •          Software setting can dramatically change your colors for viewing or printing.
  •          Printer manufactures almost always print colors differently. We have 5 Xerox color laser printers. Some of them print similar, but others print much differently.
  •          Printer setting will also dramatically change the color of an image.


For these reason and many others, it is surprising that colors ever match. And for these reasons, the graphic arts community relies on the Pantone Matching System. Keep in mind that the PMS uses printed guides, so that we are matching printed colors to a printed guide. Because of all the reasons above, a PMS color may look a lot different on your monitor then in the PMS chart. Also note, that most printers cannot print all the PMS colors correctly as the color system was originally made of off-set printing. However, with a little effort, you can usually get relatively close. Click here to view an online version of the PMS colors.

Basically, there are only a few ways to be sure you are getting the colors you want.


  • Take the colors you want off a printed PMS chart to use for your images, then with adjustment and test printing, most printers can get relatively close.
  •  You can take your best guess and describe any colors that feel may present a problem (blues are often the biggest problem), then request a sample button for your review.
  •  We can provide you with a layout to use for your buttons. You can then print your own images and send them to us. We will cut the images from the pages and make your buttons. (Depending on the button size, we will discount your button price for printing (for example, discount 1 -   cents per button for 3-inch buttons).


We want you to make your buttons in the colors that you want and are willing to work with you make that happen. If specific colors are important to your design, we suggest you use one of the above methods.


If ordering multiple images: Upload the image files together using the form below. Include how many of each image you are ordering in the comments field. You will also have to submit a
Quote Request.


Upload Your Artwork

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How to Place an Order         
1   Search for Buttons
  • Enter a keyword into the Product Search box (i.e. 1 Inch Round, Custom Button, Political) and click on 
2   Review the Product 
  • Click on the product image or on the details link to find out more info
  • Click on the  button to start the ordering process

Note: If ordering multiple sizes, fill out and submit the Quote Request form. This ensures that you will be given the best price possible.
If you want to use multiple images for your order, fill out and submit the
Upload Images form. From here you will be able to upload all of your artwork at the same time.
3   Order your Buttons
  • Once you're in the ordering process fill out the appropriate fields (i.e. quantity, product) and just click on  to continue
  • Upload artwork if necessary and specify any instructions on the imprint and personalization page
  • Enter in shipping and payment info on the designated pages
4   Place the Order
  • Review your order for accuracy
  • Click on the  button to submit the order




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